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Steps landscape and flowerpots –

Steps landscape and flowerpots

Curbs, trench drains, stairs and planters To create interesting solutions for area improvement of entrances and platforms, we have curbs of various sizes and configurations. Retaining walls are designed to support during transitions of the territory landscape, stairs in various styles are easy to install, have a rubble stone surface (splitter surface), being installed, the adverse slope is formed, which allows to reduce the ground pressure on the surface. Production of garden, street, fixed and portable planters, for landscape amendments and making aesthetic accent to the design of the landscape territory. There are also trench drains introduced in our company, produced of qualitative materials in addition to the selected design of paving slabs, we can find a perfect solution of these constructions. Irrigation ditches. During improvement of pedestrian footpaths and territories, a need to build irrigation channels arises. Our irrigation ditches are an excellent solution for this issue. They mutually complement with any paving slab and other concrete products. Due to the fact that they are produced on the same equipment that our other products, they correspond to the same quality standards of production. And in the first instance, these are the strength and reliability of the products.

Kerb, gutters, stairs and vases

Steps landscape and flowerpots

Name Dimensions(L / B / H), мм Concrete grade Pieces in 1 m2 Pieces on a pallet Pallet weight
1. Lawn element 390 / 190 / 90 М100 12,5 120 1010
2. Stage 410 / 300 / 120 М200 2,4 80 1680
3. Flowerpot 494 / 351 / 300 М200
  • Black

  • Gray

  • Green

  • Yellow on white cement

  • Brown

  • Red

  • Yellow


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