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«Flagstone» –

Paving slab «Flagstone»

Paving slab Paving slab or otherwise paving blocks of “Concrete Products” company is an excellent cover for pedestrian walkways and an excellent solution for heavy-duty vehicle, high-strength material resists large loads with long-life of product. There are several types of paving slabs in our company, which provides opportunity to choose according to customer feedback. Paving slabs have high strength properties, as well as ease of laying. One more important aspect is that road pavement of paving slabs does not exclude installation and replacement of any communication lines; it is easily removed and laid again. Use of our products.

Paving slab


Name Dimensions(L / B / H), мм Concrete grade Pieces in 1 m2 Pieces on a pallet Pallet weight
«Flagstone» 340 / 249 / 60 М300 19,0 120 840
  • Brown

  • Red

  • Orange

  • Yellow

  • Gray

  • Yellow on white cement

  • Green

  • Black


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