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About Us

Products of Concrete Products LLP are a qualitative material for construction and reconstruction of buildings, improvement of the territory. Our paving slab serve as solid, reliable coverage. It adorns streets, squares and a lot of suburban land plots. “Concrete Products” Company has been specializing in manufacturing of concrete products for the third decade. We are the leaders of this industry due to a wide range of factors. The German technologies, used by our company, have no analogues in the world market. Every year we acquire the latest equipment components that allows us to produce the newest products, in order to in full meet the demand of all categories of our consumers for both the world novelties and classic offers.

Technological effectiveness

The continuous modernization of our lines allows us to set unsurpassed standards of quality and reliability of our products. Availability of in-house laboratory allows confirming that our products substantially exceed state standards on manufacturing of concrete products, as we know that how important is not only the quality on paper, but also serviceability of our products in real life. Using the high quality components in production makes our products the brightest and expressive in comparison with competitors. We regularly expand sorts of our products not only in shape and size, but also in colour and various fillers. In the context of our aggressive environment, we continuously work on service life extension of our products, that you were sure of their shelf life and inviolability. Introduce new and improve the existing one is not only words for us. Advantages Advantages, which help us to succeed in the market since 1991: · application of German equipment and technologies; · five-level quality control; · highly professional experts; · free consultations of technical experts; · high production volume within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan; · all products were certified only in accordance with standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Several hundreds of employees work in our company, which makes it possible to satisfy a demand for concrete products of any customer within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and more. Our staff consists of many various advanced practice professionals, which makes it possible to maintain quality of produced products throughout all phases of their production.


  • 250 Specialists
  • 1991 Year of foundation
  • Over 600 T of customers


More than 600 000 clients have chosen our products for themselves. Large building companies such as BAZIS-A, BI GROUP, RAMS trust us. We are the principal suppliers of the largest builders of our country by categories of walkway slabs and decorative concrete products. These companies selected us because we always confirm the highest quality and reliability. We always perform our warranty obligations and quickly respond to any requests of our clients. Maximum simplification of complex construction process and improvement of your real estate item, make it unique, preserve durability, all these are our priority tasks, on which we work continuously in order to achieve excellent results.


  • Leader of industry 2015

  • Leader of the year 2016

  • Leader of the year 2017

  • Leader of the year 2018

  • Leader of industry 2019

  • Leader of industry 2020